The AI-powered health coach.

Health2Win develops decentralized personalized digital twins for preventive healthcare and rewards you for being healthy

Why Health2Win?

Personal Coach

Not sure which habit to start with?

Talk to our AI coach. You can complete the process in easy steps.

Timely notifications

Do you feel overwhelmed with too many tasks at hand?

Leave it to us. We know when and where to notify you.

Health-to-Earn Rewards Model

Struggling with consistency?

We provide tangible rewards for positive behavior changes.

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Large Language Model (LLM)

Our platform utilizes sophisticated Large Language Models to process vast amounts of health-related data in real-time. This enables us to generate valuable insights and tailor recommendations to each user’s specific health needs and goals.

Reinforcement Learning (RL)

Employing Reinforcement Learning algorithms, Health2Win continuously learns from user interactions and feedback to optimize health behavior recommendations. This adaptive approach ensures that our platform evolves with the user, leading to sustained positive outcomes.


By harnessing the power of Blockchain technology, Health2Win ensures the security, integrity, and immutability of health data. Our decentralized system provides users with full control over their personal health information, promoting transparency and trust in the digital health ecosystem.

Mobile Health

Through seamless integration with mobile devices, Health2Win offers users convenient access to their health data and personalized recommendations anytime, anywhere. Our mobile health technology empowers individuals to stay engaged and motivated in their wellness journey through user-friendly interfaces and engaging features.


  • App Prototype & User Acquisition: Within the next 3 months, develop a user-friendly app prototype with essential habit tracking features. Launch the prototype on both iOS and Android platforms to acquire a user base of early adopters. Implement a continuous feedback mechanism to iterate and improve the user experience.
  • Partnership Development: Within 6 months, establish partnerships with at least 10 reputable wellness product companies. These partnerships will serve to offer exclusive content, products, and services that complement our app’s habit-building ecosystem.
  • Community Engagement: By the end of the year, grow our Twitter community to over 1,000 active followers. Engage with the community through regular updates, habit-building challenges, and by sharing success stories to encourage a culture of positive change.
  • Advanced Features Roll-out: Over the next 18 months, plan and execute the integration of advanced features, including:
    • Launch of ‘mini-apps’ within our platform to allow for personalized habit tracking and interventions.
    • Integration of Machine Learning and Reinforcement Learning methodologies to refine JITAI capabilities, providing users with more timely and context-sensitive habit-building prompts.

Health2Win App

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Get the full experience With Health2Win Tracker

With Health2Win Tracker, you’re able to measure physical data such as blood pressure, cholesterol levels, blood glucose levels, your menstrual cycle and so much more.